New CD from Mike and Leon

We are proud to announce the new release of our CD – Songs From The Shanty – with Mike Pendergast, Remi Arsenault and Brendan Peters – the house band from Avonlea Village.

Come and see us this summer at Avonlea Village through the day and Stanley Bridge Hall on Tuesday nights – check our gig schedule here.

Songs From The Shanty has two Neil Matthews songs, and one Stompin’ Tom song performed by Leon.  Also one original song by Leon – “The Faithful Fisherman”, and one collaboration with my brother Phillip – “Frank Bell’s Pond”.  The other songs are written or covered by Michael Pendergast.

This album was recorded in my own home by Remi Arsenault and Donald Richard.  They done a great job!


  1. Hi Mike was also in Avonlea last wednesday and when i heard the Maritime song…. I felt in love with you all. Was standing with my camera took video of you and now I will show to my Montreal friends. Didn’t know we can purshase your CD. Will work to find or will ask to my new PEI friends a copie….. Julie of Avonlea!!!! (Now i am an island girl!)

  2. Last week we took two young granddaughters with us on a trip to the Maritimes. We had a wonderful day at Avonlea Village. Of course, one of the main highlights was enjoying your great musical talents. It almost made me want to move to PEI! We bought a CD and listened to it everywhere we drove for the remainder of our trip. The girls always sang along, clapped and even played the spoons! I was so disappointed when I got it out to listen to when we arrived home to find that we had left it in our rental car! Hopefully, someone else is now enjoying it. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Hello Leon and Mike, Last Wednesday (June 29th) I attended your performance at Avonlea Village and purchased your CD. I was the only one smiling and clapping there that morning, the retired gramma with the BIG camera, remember? I have to tell you your gig at Avonlea was the highlight of my PEI holiday. I am really enjoying your CD and listen to it every day! Someday I will be back and come and listen to you and Mike again! Thanks for making my vacation memorable. Hope you fellas have a great summer!

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